Your Complete Guide to Eyeglass Care

Just like you brush your teeth and wash your hair, you also need to care for your eyeglasses. The importance of your glasses to your vision shouldn’t be forgotten, especially given their impact on your ability to drive, read, and learn. When you dedicate enough time and attention to eyeglass care, you can prevent damage, save money, and maintain the best eyesight possible.

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Cheap Sunglasses are a Dangerous Choice

It’s always tempting to save money when possible, but trying to save a few dollars by purchasing cheaper, off-brand sunglasses simply isn’t worth the risk. The approach of summer marks the perfect time to be reminded of the importance of eye safety and protection, though the truth is that the sun has the potential to harm your eyes all year long. The sun’s dangerous UV rays can hurt your eyes as much as your skin, and selecting the right sunglasses can go a long way toward keeping your vision protected. Read More

The Eyeglasses of the Future

Life would be so much simpler if the body did not degrade with age, but it’s a mere fact of life that over the years, vision becomes weaker and skin becomes wrinkled. Glasses have helped countless people around the world maintain their eyesight even with vision problems, but a new development is changing the way that glasses function.

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