Does Your Child Need Sports Glasses?

More children than ever before are wearing glasses to help improve their vision. Awareness of the signs of vision problems has grown, helping more parents seek pediatric ophthalmology support. Though standard glasses have become the norm, not as many children use sports glasses or goggles. This protective form of eyewear is very important for children of any age who are participating in contact sports.

What Are Sports Glasses?

Sports glasses provide the same visual enhancement as regular glasses, but they are constructed with highly impact-resistant plastic or polycarbonate. The frames are thicker and wrap around the head in order to protect the entire eye socket from any potential impact. In addition, sports glasses are most often secured around the back of the head with an elastic band, rather than just by the temple arms alone. This ensures the glasses don’t fall off mid-activity.  Overall, sports glasses are incredibly durable alternatives to regular frames that lend themselves perfectly to athletic activity.

Why Should Your Child Use Sports Glasses?

There are a number of different reasons that your child can benefit from wearing sports glasses. First, since they are far more durable than standard glasses, they will not break during play. This saves you money and gives your child a better peace of mind that he can move freely without fear of consequences.

In addition, and most importantly, sports glasses offer superior eye protection for your child. Eye injuries are all too common in sports, whether from a flying ball, a misplaced elbow, or debris on the field. Sports glasses wrap around the eyes to protect both eye sockets entirely. They can be considered the helmet for the eyes!

It’s important to visit an eye doctor that specializes in children’s eyecare when you purchase your child’s first sports glasses. At Guggino Eye in Tampa Bay, Dr. Jack Guggino, M.D. provides children of all ages with state-of-the-art and personalized care. Dr. Guggino will take your child’s sports circumstances into consideration in order to suggest the best eyeglasses for protection and durability. Call him today at 813-445-7675 to make your appointment.