Eyesight and Modern Technology: How to Prevent Eye Damage

phoneIn the 21st century, we are surrounded by screens. From smartphones and tablets to laptops and Kindles, we use technology to communicate, entertain ourselves, relax, stay fit and of course, to work.

In fact, rather amazingly, recent research shows that the average person in the US spends over five hours a day staring at a screen. This has raised concerns on the effects of screens on eyesight, and whether over-exposure to technology could be damaging the health of your eyes.

Top Tips to Prevent Eye Damage When Using Technology

Whilst research is still underway into exactly how bad technology is for eyesight, certain studies have already suggested that staring at screens for too long can cause squinting, over-straining of the eye muscles, and headaches.

Here’s some tips to help you maintain good eyesight whilst using your tablet, laptop or smartphone.

  1. Take regular breaks. It’s really important to take regular breaks from your screen. Aim to put down your device for a few minutes once every half an hour at least, and go for a quick walk to boost your circulation.
  1. Get your eyes checked. If you’re long or short sighted and are trying to read things on a computer screen without the right prescription glasses, you could be doing real damage to your eyes. As a result, it’s important to book regular eye examinations.
  1. Wear your glasses. If you’ve been prescribed glasses, make sure you wear them! Forgetting to wear your glasses when you’re staring at a screen can cause your muscles to strain, which can cause headaches.

The Importance of Taking a Break…

Even if you need your laptop for work, it’s vital to remember that sitting in front of a screen for too long can be damaging for your health, and that’s not just the health of your eyes! Make time to stay as active as possible when you’re not working, and give those eyes a well-earned break.

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