Glasses or Contacts? The Best Pick for Your Eyes

contactsIf your eyesight isn’t as strong as it once was, you need either contact lenses or glasses to improve your vision and prevent future vision issues. Many people struggle with the choice between glasses and contacts. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks regarding budget, convenience, aesthetics, and comfort, and ultimately you will find that one is more appropriate for your regular daily use.

The Pros and Cons of Glasses

Men and women who opt for glasses on a regular basis prefer them for a number of reasons. First of all, glasses are available in a variety of fashionable frames that can complement your personality and style. Second, they are usually more affordable than contact lenses in the long run since they do not require frequent replacement. Even if your prescription changes, you can keep your frames and simply swap out the lenses. Glasses are also best for sensitive eyes that might become exacerbated by contact lenses.

On the downside, eyeglasses have the potential to distort peripheral vision, and they are vulnerable to precipitation, strong wind, and unexpected physical force. Some frames place pressure on the nose and ears, which leads to discomfort, headaches, and sinus congestion. Other people simply don’t like their appearance in glasses and prefer the invisibility of contact lenses.

Contact Lenses Benefits and Disadvantages

Contact lenses offer plenty of benefits that eyeglasses do not. First of all, contacts conform perfectly to the shape of your eye, so you can enjoy a wider field of vision without any distortions or obstructions. This also means they are not at risk of being broken or harmed when playing, exercising, or passing through strong weather conditions. Contacts are even available in different colors if you want to emphasize your eye color and enhance your appearance.

On the other hand, contact lenses can be tricky to put in and out of the eye, and dry eye syndrome becomes more likely since less oxygen reaches the eye with contacts in place. Contact lenses have also been linked to computer vision syndrome for people who work at the computer all day, and poor contact lens care can lead to serious eye infections.

After weighing the pros and cons, you may find yourself choosing just glasses, just contacts, or maybe even both!