How to Ensure Your Child’s Eye Safety in Spring Sports

Many young children play sports throughout their youth, from t-ball and soccer to tennis and basketball. Athletic activities enrich your child’s life and teach important skills, but they also put your child’s eyes at risk of injury. Now that spring sports are back in session, it is important to weigh the following considerations and make plans to ensure your child’s eye safety during sport practices and games.

Are Eye Injuries in Sports Really That Prevalent?

In a word… yes! Eye injuries are the leading cause of blindness in children in the United States, and most of those injuries occur as a result of sports-related activities. A full 90 percent of sports-related eye injuries could be prevented with the use of protective eyewear, but very few sports leagues require players to wear safety goggles.  

Common eye injuries caused by participation in sports include scratches on the cornea, inflamed iris, swollen retina, fracture of the eye socket, and traumatic cataract. Some of these issues are easier to recover from than others, but they are all difficult to endure and pose the threat of lasting damage.

Selecting the Best Safety Eyewear

Regular eyeglasses cannot protect your child’s eyes from injury during a sports game. Prevent Blindness America, an advocacy organization dedicated to stopping preventable childhood blindness, explains that each sport requires a specific type of protective eyewear for maximum safety.

Protective eyewear like sports safety goggles are made from ultra-strong polycarbonate. This material is ten times more impact-resistant than other plastics, yet it does not reduce vision at all! Browse this list to find your child’s sport and notate which type of eye protection is best:

  • Baseball: Faceguard attached to helmet and sports eyeguards
  • Basketball: Sports eyeguards
  • Soccer: Sports eyeguards
  • Football: Shield attached to faceguar and sports eyeguards
  • Hockey: Wire or polycarbonate mask an sports eyeguards

As you can see, sports eye guards should be worn in all contact sports to prevent eye injuries and blindness. With so many designs and models of sports eye guards now available, it is simple to find a pair your child loves.

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