How to Protect Your Eyes if You Use the Computer a Lot

eyes computerIf you use the computer a lot, as part of your job perhaps or just in your spare time, then you might find yourself becoming worried about your eyesight. Many of us associate computers, TVs and screens in general with becoming ‘square eyed’ and the idea that programmers and computer hackers all wear glasses has become a persistent stereotype.

The question is though: do you really need to worry? And what can you do to protect your eyes?

The Myth and the Reality

The good news is that screens aren’t actually bad for your eyes. You can use the computer as much as you like and play as many games as you want and not have to worry about it affecting your vision negatively.

One study found that the closer people sat to the TV, the worse their eyesight was. In reality though, the methodology of this study was flawed. The only reason they found a correlation was that people with poor eyesight needed to sit closer.
More recent studies have actually found that playing computer games increases your visual acuity and the ‘resolution’ of your eyes. This is because the act of constantly scanning the horizon for enemies trains us to become more ‘efficient’ at seeing!

How to Protect Your Eyes

That said, it still doesn’t hurt to take extra precautions to protect your eyes if you want to avoid a trip to the eye doctor and there are some things you need to be weary of.

For instance, glare on the screen can be bad for your eyes. If you sit near a window at work then ask your manager for a screen protector to reduce the reflection. The same goes for gaming in the living room.

Another tip is to turn your brightness down and especially when you’re in dark rooms. If there is less contrast between the brightness of the screen and the ambient lighting, you will be less likely to get headaches and your eye doctor is less likely to suggest glasses as a result.