How to Protect Your Eyesight as You Get Older

Eye CareAs you get older, natural deterioration will make you increasingly likely to need glasses. As we age, deterioration occurs to all our cells and this includes those in the eye. Your likelihood of becoming near or short sighted or of developing cataracts and other problems becomes increasingly high.

For these reasons it’s crucial to take extra care of your vision as you get older. But how do you do this? Here are some tips that can help.

Regular Checkups

The single most important step to take in protecting your eyesight is to make sure you are getting regular checkups and exams. Only about 40% of North Americans have annual checkups with their eye doctor and this can result in problems going unnoticed. The sooner you catch an issue like cataracts, the easier it is to deal with and to solve. Make sure you are going at least yearly to see the eye doctor and more is preferable!

The Right Diet

The right diet can make a huge difference to your eye health. Consuming lots of antioxidants like vitamin C will help to prevent cell damage throughout your body and thus decrease many of the symptoms of ageing.

Moreover, a number of specific minerals and nutrients are known to be particularly good for the eye. Vitamin A for instance is very good, as is beta carotene. Another useful supplement is lutein which has also recently been shown to increase energy levels.

The Right Lifestyle

The right lifestyle can also help you to protect your eyes as any eye doctor will tell you. Smoking and drinking are destructive, whereas exercising and sleeping well will be protective. Remember: your body is really one system and if you are in generally good health this will have knock-on effects for your eyesight and more.