Lazy Eye Treatment

Surgery to Correct Misaligned Eyes in Children

My child is so young, why does he need to have corrective surgery? The optimum time for treating strabismus in children born with it is prior to one year of age. At times it is performed at around six months of age. If the eyes are allowed to remain misaligned for a period of time during rapid neurological and ocular growth and development ,depth perception or three-dimensional vision will not develop.

Is it a risky procedure? Every surgical procedure, by its very nature, has an element of risk. Many preoperative precautions are taken prior to placing a child who is having elective surgery under general anesthesia. First of all the child is cleared for surgery by his or her pediatrician. Secondly the choice of anesthesiologists and the caliber of the nurses in recovery room is of utmost importance. If such precautions are taken and they always are Dr. Guggino explains to the parents that it is safer for the child to be placed under anesthesia then it is to take a car ride.

How much will it hurt? The pain level is so individual it varies from person to person. Generally there are two types of pain, one is a scratchy sensation and the other is a dull pain both of which are treated in the recovery room and postoperatively with the appropriate analgesics. The very young tend to sleep off the pain and are back to normal usually the same day.

Am I covered by insurance? Many people worry that their insurance will not cover the costs of the surgery, especially as the procedure may be considered ‘cosmetic’. However, this type of eye surgery falls under the category of reconstructive, not cosmetic. As a result, you should be able to claim it under your insurance policy. Dr. Guggino’s office will obtain the proper eligibility and authorization prior to the surgery.

Will the surgery definitely cure my problem? As with any surgery, there is no absolute guarantee. However, success rates for this type of surgery are very high indeed. Generally, only 15% of patients require further surgery afterwards.

Will I need to be hospitalized? Unless you have any specific health issues, your treatment will be an outpatient procedure.

Are there any activities I need to avoid afterwards?It’s recommended to contactsports and play and swimming for 2 weeks after the procedure. Your surgeon will provide you with more details on after-care.

Dr Guggino is one of Tampa Bay’s leading ophthalmic surgeons. He has years of experience correcting misaligned eyes in both children and adults and has an excellent track record of success. If you’d like to book an appointment, simply call today at (813) 876–1400.