The Lightbulbs Save Your Vision from Night Work

Though it might often feel like you have no control over the fate of your eyesight, the truth is that you can take certain measures to prevent vision problems just like you can prevent obesity or heart attack. Getting regular eye exams, eating a healthy diet, and investing in a great pair of sunglasses are three simple ways to take preventative measures. As it turns out, you can also protect your vision by purchasing a specific light bulb for your bedroom!

About Blue Light

You may have heard of blue light, which has a very short wavelength and produces a higher amount of energy. It reaches deeper into the eye than other parts of the visible light spectrum, which comes with benefits and drawbacks. On the plus side, blue light triggers the brain to become and stay active, but it is also linked to increased eye damage and degeneration. Before the onset of technology, sunlight was the only true source of blue light. Today, however, cell phones and computer screens also contain blue light. Even your light bulbs offer blue light. All of this means that working late at night with light bulbs giving off blue light will harm your vision in the long run.

Opt for Smart Bulbs

Fortunately, late night workers can save their eyes from suffering by investing in new smart bulbs. Philips, for instance, offers white ambiance bulbs that are great for office and bedroom environments. Just like smart TVs connect to different apps for easy technology use, smart bulbs connect to the apps on your smartphone to sync better with your specific needs. These LED light bulbs has the ability to change color and adjust to supplement the amount of natural light in the room. While many people will point to the fun you can have changing the color and dimness of your lights with just a tap of your smartphone, the more important matter is your ability to limit the blue light coming into your room. These smart bulbs give you the ability to protect your eyes night after night.

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