What is Laser Cataract Surgery?

eyesLaser cataracts surgery is a type of eye surgery that can be performed by your eye doctor in order to treat cataracts. Cataracts meanwhile are cloudy patches that appear in the eye due to a build-up of proteins on the crystalline lens of the eye. These can range from being somewhat translucent to being completely opaque and will obstruct the vision of the patient by blocking incoming light.

Cataracts become increasingly common in old age and are one of the leading causes of impaired vision among the elderly. They can cause yellowing of color vision, near sightedness, blind spots and eventually completely vision loss.

There are a range of causes that can lead to cataracts including exposure to ultraviolet light and radiation, while diabetes is also a risk factor. There is no proven way to prevent cataracts, though consuming more antioxidants can help as can generally avoiding radiation where possible.

Otherwise, treatment tends to involve surgery. This will sometimes involve your eye doctor making a small incision in the capsule of the lens in order to remove it and replace it, or in order to remove parts. This procedure is relatively painful however and somewhat invasive which is why laser cataracts surgery is becoming increasingly popular. Laser eye surgery uses a laser in order to negate the need for an incision to be made at all. Instead, the laser is able to remove the cataracts by shining through the eye and penetrating the many layers. This is a far less off putting thought for many patients and it also reduces the risk of complications such as retinal detachment.

If you are struggling with cataracts and would like to consider laser surgery as a treatment, discuss your options with your eye doctor and they will help to talk you through the procedure.